Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stutzman Plating Chrome Plates a Mercedes Benz Engine Block for Los Angeles Art Gallery

We just finished a polished chrome plating project for this Mercedes Benz engine block. It will be on display in an art gallery here in LosAngeles.

If you have any unusual Chrome Plating  - or any kind of metal plating - then give Stutzman Plating a call.  We've been here in Los Angeles since 1950. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Metal Plating Makes The Difference!

People ask us, "what can you do for our project?"

Our answer is always,  "we can make the difference."

The difference in how your project is perceived...

The difference in how and where your project is used...

The difference in how much you can charge for it...

Call us today, and let's discuss how Stutzman Plating can make the difference in your business.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Unusual Metal Plating

We here at Stutzman Plating are your experts in metal plating in Los Angeles. We've plated it all -  art, furniture, fixtures, signage,  jewelry (like The Giving Keys), and hardware (automotive or otherwise). We work in gold, nickel, chrome,  brass - you name it and we do it.  Just check out our most popular metal plating finishes here.

But occasionally we run across items on the web that we get a good laugh at, and have to share with our clients like you.  It just goes to show you - you can metal plate anything.  

A Delorean motor car, plated in gold over its stainless steel body.
 A nickel-plated brass POCKET SPITOON (yes, you read that right - it's portable!)
 A STAR WARS Imperial Stormtrooper helmet plated in chrome.
 A chrome plated mercedes benz sports car...

And of course, every rapper's dream - a gold plated grill.



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Multiples or Singles - Stutzman Plating Does it All For Its Metal Plating Clients.

Any company (or person for that matter) can metal plate ONE object for you. Stutzman Plating  can also plate MULTIPLE products for you. 
You get the best of both worlds - an artisan crafts shop that delivers the finest in customer service -  AND --

 - a manufacturing partner that can give your metal product the right look and texture to make it fly off the shelves... all on your schedule. 
We work with clients big and small. 

You can visit our website and see all of the services we have to offer you in singles and multiples.  

From your #1 custom metal plating company here in Los Angeles,

Stutzman Plating
Where the finish is first.  

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Size Doesn't Matter...

 Neither does shape.  We here at Stutzman Plating are happy to plate your object in the custom metal finish that will give your project the right look, texture and attitude.  We don't care if it's art, automotive parts, key chains, musical instruments, signs,  hardware or whatever... singles or multiples

We are here to serve all of your metal plating needs - from chrome to rose gold -  right here from our Los Angeles headquarters.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017

What is this Art Object Anyway?

Metal plating in Los Angeles is never dull. With all the artists, musicians,  awards shows,  and automotive enthusiasts around,  we get unique projects coming through our door all the time.

Behold is a new project we will tell you about in depth here in 2017.  In the meantime have a terrific new year, and we'll keep you informed as to all of the cool projects we have going.  You do the same.  Just give us a call and let us know how we can help!

(323) 732-9147