Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creative Metal Plating For All Occasions!

At Stutzman Plating, we metal plate all sorts of unusual items far beyond what you would think for a metal plating company in Los Angeles. Here are some samples of projects that have come trhough our door recently:

First off, we have something from the Aviation industry with a base metal of Aluminum. This is a cone for an airplane propeller (you can see where the propellers would attach). This cone is being used by a designer for either a custom furnishing piece or art installment. These will be polished nickel plated.

These pictures to the left are both of raw unfinished gauge bezels for a boat-they are the circular exterior for gauges on the dashboard. These gauges will be transformed from a base metal of brass to a shiny metal surface of polished chrome.

These are the angles of table legs. The base metal is steel and they are going to plated in dark bronze for a designer making custom tables.

You can see our Bronze and other proprietary finishes on our website here.

If you have a project and need a quote why not contact us to see how Stutzman Plating can be your metal-plating solution!