Friday, October 9, 2015

Large and in Charge: Stutzman Plating Handles Your Big Metal Plating Projects With Ease

Most metal plating companies will handle medium to small items as a matter of course - they're easier to handle, you can metal plate them quickly and turn them around.  Stutzman Plating specializes in providing our customers with the right metal plating finish for their needs - no matter how big the project!

We've plated furniture,  large lighting fixtures,  architectural details,  signage and other items that many metal plating companies have trouble even getting through the door.

So if you have a large items that needs a cool, custom metal finish - think Stutzman Plating!

Boom! and it's Plated! Stutzman Plating Keys Into Bang Go Boom.

 At Stutzman Plating, we get a lot of interesting projects from the music industry.  It could be anything from a gold plated drum set for a special Superbowl half-time show to a specialty key chain set for the famous drum manufacturer BANG GO BOOM.  In the case of the latter, here is the series of small zinc-cast key chains we plated in pewter and then clear-coated for a nice lustrous finish.  Check 'em out here

If you have a musical instrument you want to enhance with some custom metal plating, then CONTACT US today!