Friday, October 9, 2015

Large and in Charge: Stutzman Plating Handles Your Big Metal Plating Projects With Ease

Most metal plating companies will handle medium to small items as a matter of course - they're easier to handle, you can metal plate them quickly and turn them around.  Stutzman Plating specializes in providing our customers with the right metal plating finish for their needs - no matter how big the project!

We've plated furniture,  large lighting fixtures,  architectural details,  signage and other items that many metal plating companies have trouble even getting through the door.

So if you have a large items that needs a cool, custom metal finish - think Stutzman Plating!

Boom! and it's Plated! Stutzman Plating Keys Into Bang Go Boom.

 At Stutzman Plating, we get a lot of interesting projects from the music industry.  It could be anything from a gold plated drum set for a special Superbowl half-time show to a specialty key chain set for the famous drum manufacturer BANG GO BOOM.  In the case of the latter, here is the series of small zinc-cast key chains we plated in pewter and then clear-coated for a nice lustrous finish.  Check 'em out here

If you have a musical instrument you want to enhance with some custom metal plating, then CONTACT US today! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Come to Stutzman When You Want to Get Creative With Metal Plating

Our clients are the best.  When they bring us a project, they want us to use all of our expertise, our creativity, and our resources to make their metal shine just that much brighter, or deeper, or darker.  Whatever suits the creative brief we're given,  our experts at Stutzman Plating are dedicated to bringing out the best in your project.  For Example: 

This item is called a drum table and was done for a furniture designer in Beverly Hills. The Base metal is solid brass, and was refinished in polished brass. A piece of glass goes over the top.

These are decorative vases and dishes for a local design company called Branch Jewelry in Venice, CA. Base metal is solid brass and parts are plated in polished brass.
This is called a wave table for Nashif Custom Design and is plated in a brushed bronze finish. It is a solid steel table base and in the pic it appears upside down. When turned over a piece of wood would rest on the flat part as the table top. 

This is also a table base for Nashif Custom Design, base metal is steel, and is plated in a brushed brass finish.
Be sure to check out all of our signature metal finishes on our website. If you have any questions you can contact us, and we will be happy to answer them. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creative Metal Plating For All Occasions!

At Stutzman Plating, we metal plate all sorts of unusual items far beyond what you would think for a metal plating company in Los Angeles. Here are some samples of projects that have come trhough our door recently:

First off, we have something from the Aviation industry with a base metal of Aluminum. This is a cone for an airplane propeller (you can see where the propellers would attach). This cone is being used by a designer for either a custom furnishing piece or art installment. These will be polished nickel plated.

These pictures to the left are both of raw unfinished gauge bezels for a boat-they are the circular exterior for gauges on the dashboard. These gauges will be transformed from a base metal of brass to a shiny metal surface of polished chrome.

These are the angles of table legs. The base metal is steel and they are going to plated in dark bronze for a designer making custom tables.

You can see our Bronze and other proprietary finishes on our website here.

If you have a project and need a quote why not contact us to see how Stutzman Plating can be your metal-plating solution!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Taking a Tree Trunk from Porous to Polished

At Stutzman Plating, we often get unusual art projects that sculptors want us to plate for them.  You'll see some of these fine art pieces on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or perhaps you will follow us on Pinterest.

In this instance we were asked to nickel plate a tree trunk sculpture that was to become a custom table base.

This tree trunk sculpture was cast out of solid bronze. The casting was extremely heavy, weighing over 200 pounds and required special set up. Of course, that's no problem for us at Stutzman.

The client, a renowned designer here in Los Angeles, wanted the trunk to be plated in a highly reflective mirror polished nickel. The bronze casting was porous, a common occurrence with castings of this size, creating pockets within the trunk's structure.  The porosity of the bronze trapped the plating solution within the casting and resulted in bubbles surfacing to the top which disturbed the plating. We had to come up with a solution to make sure the finished nickel plating was polished and smooth like liquid mercury. 

The solution was to fill these porous areas with copper and replated the sculpture surface to achieve a perfect mirror finish of polished nickel plating.

And as you can see, the results are fantastic!  An art object that's useful, and definitely a conversation starter.... 

Contact us to learn more on how Stutzman Plating can take your project to the next level.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Royal Gold

Stutzman Plating introduces their newest proprietary finish to their robust catalog of custom color finishes. The new finish called Royal Gold brings about the grandeur of a king's gilded royal crown. A combination of proprietary alloys, the highly reflective golden mirror finish is already trending among LA's top interior designers and celebrity musicians.

Featured on custom drum sets of the biggest musicians in the industry as well as top furniture designers, the Royal Gold finish is sweeping the industry.

Please visit our website to find out more about LA's original custom plating company and see samples of our unique metal finishes.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Metal Plating Projects Large or Small

"Wine is the most civilized thing in the world" -Ernest Hemingway

Stutzman Plating's latest custom job is signage for a Portland, Oregon hotel.  The base metal is aluminum, and we plated it in a custom antique brass, in one of our large metal plating tanks designed for "over-sized" projects like this. 

Here is the base aluminum being lowered into the tank for prep before the final brass metal plating.

The piece is seven feet long by 1. 5 feet tall.  It's approximately  3.25" thick - a huge, heavy piece to plate. However, the results speak for themselves.  From prepped aluminum to a custom antique brass metal finish.

The newly-plated metal catches the light, giving the sign a 'fire' all its own.  Perfect for this Portland hotel's wine cellar. 

We have many projects from around the world to show you here on the blog. We hope this will provide you with a  better understanding of how well Stuzman Plating has been serving clients' metal plating needs since 1950.   If you see one of our projects here on the blog, and want to know more,  feel free to go to our website or call us toll-free at 888-612-5396.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welcome to the World of Stutzman Plating!

Welcome to Stutzman Plating, your family-owned and operated custom metal plating business. 

Since 1950, Stutzman Plating has remained the only plating specialist of its kind, offering trademarked metal finishes, superior craftsmanship, and personal client service. We specialize in custom finishes for our clients, delivering what you want and not just a library of set metal finishes. We are your custom solution;  a one-stop-headquarters that eliminates your need to outsource secondary operations like painting, packaging, and assembly. Our operations and service will be to your specifications, your requirements, and your expectations. You bring us a special finish, we can modify our plating processes to match your needs.

Stutzman Plating also specializes in contract manufacturing of spin and die casting, wire forming, stamping, welding, and tubular fabrication. We do it all, in one central location that provides you with the utmost in custom metal plating services. 

We are headquartered here in Los Angeles, one of the design hubs of North America, providing our clients around the world with exactly the right metal finish for their project: 

Lighting, Architectural, Musical Instruments, Interior Design, Military Badges, Plumbing, Hardware, Door Hardware, Store Fixtures, Display Fixtures, Furniture, Signage, Aftermarket Automotive, Restaurant and Food Hardware, Sculptures, Art Displays, Cabinet Hardware, Medical Equipment Hardware, Locker Hardware, License Plate Frames and much, much more!

Bring us your project and let us give it the metal shine it deserves. You can visit our website at: and see the variety of custom metal finishes we have to offer... and if you don't see it we'll create that custom metal finish for you!